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Behind The Scenes

Chapter 1 - A small collection with a ton of potential:

We've designed our first collection with both home and commercial spaces in mind, with a focus on creating pieces that are both sustainable & customisable.

We're turning furniture into stories, not just things - Every piece we create has its own unique personality and story to tell, that's why we look to incorporate your feedback into our iterative approach to design and continuously release improved versions; designs, new customisations, improved longevity & reduced waste in the process.

Chapter 2 -A journey that’s evolving:

As we continue to grow, we have exciting plans for the future, our next commercial ranges will be more workplace centric, with the focus on biophilia & modularity, as we aim to help forward-thinking companies build greener workspaces. 

Why we're working so hard on our next range:

We understand that many companies are looking for ways to incorporate more greenery into their workspaces, and that's why we are excited to announce our next range - Greenspace, This collection will be focused on helping eco-conscious teams build greener workspaces by bringing a touch of nature into the workplace.

We believe that the furniture in a workspace can have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere and productivity of the people who use it. So we are excited to work with teams who share our vision of creating inspiring workspaces.

A sneak peek

here is a concept image of one of the pieces we're currently developing; The Greenspace Bench - A unique concept, designed with a planter in the centre, that gives the opportunity for a small tree or tall plant to thrive. The beauty of this piece lies in the fact that, depending on the plant you choose to cultivate, you can create privacy for those sitting on either side or even a sheltered feeling, similar to if you were sitting beneath the canopy of a tree in a park.

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