Building a future proof workspace

Champion Change:

The scene is shifting, companies are adapting to accommodate for a more hybrid workforce. With more people seeking opportunities to work remotely, companies are having to rethink their strategy from trying to emulate the same feeling of comfort which you get working from home to creating an environment that inspires people to want to show up.

Investing in the design and feel of a workspace can make significant impact on the culture within a company. A well-designed, well thought through workspace can create sense of community and foster collaboration, creativity and productivity.

These are the ways we believe can help create an inspiring environment in your workspace:

  1. Incorporating natural light and plants 🪴: Studies have shown that natural light and greenery can improve mood and productivity, so it's important to design your workspace to incorporate as much natural light and greenery as possible.
  2. Encouraging personalisation and individuality: Allowing people to personalise their workspace with their own decorations, choice of colour and items that can help to make them feel more at home, which can also inspire creativity and innovation.
  3. Offering a variety of work areas: Offering a variety of work areas can be beneficial as different people work best in different environments. So it's important to provide a range of work areas, or as Linkedin likes to refer to them as “neighbourhoods” such as quiet zones, collaboration areas, and breakout spaces. Making workspaces feel more open and inclusive.


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